Our engineers simulate and evaluate a multitude of building environments. Our team can assesses:

  • The performance of ventilation system

  • Controlled, clean environments

  • Lab safety

  • Temperature uniformity & comfort

  • Many other applications of airflow, fluid flow and heat transfer

Smoke Clearance for (Car Parks/Tunnels/Metro)

We help engineers, contractors and suppliers to confirm the performance of Mechanical Ventilation System; if the smoke produced by fire design is evacuated within as per Civil Defence Department (QCDD) Requirements.

HVAC System verification (Thermal Comfort) as per ASHRAE and other standards

Nabtaker will give companies (Authority / Client / Designer / Contractor) the ability to check and evaluate if HVAC System work efficiently and comply with standards. Get the advantage and make sure that your HVAC system will work properly without getting complains later on like: It is hot..! / It is too cold..! / the power consumption invoice is high..!  

Verify (Design/Modification) of Hydraulic Machines (Pumps/Fans/Turbines)

One of the strong requirement in market these days is how to make and modify Pumps, turbines and fans to improve energy consumption. Thus, in order to achieve compliance, both fan and motor directives need to be implemented and tested to be carried out to determine the relevant minimum efficiency requirements.

Heat Exchangers / Boilers / Vessels

In NabtakerEngineering, we help to Verify (Design/Modification) the stress and heat transfer for equipment in Oil & Gas field  (Heat Exchangers / Boilers / Vessels) 

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